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The Authority, through its President, immediately committed itself very actively to creating relationships with the other control Authorities of the rest of the world. On the occasion of the event organized in March 2019, the excellent relationships between the Italian and San Marino Authority were publicly recognized, as expressed in the words of the President of the first in the presence of H.E. the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, dr. G. Zanotti.

The participation of the Authority in European and international contexts is of significant importance both for the collaborative relationships that are established with other Control Authorities, and because on those occasions the sharing of specific issues is favored, with contextual opportunities for discussion at high levels.

Furthermore, the complex diplomatic and relations work conducted by the President and aimed at making the San Marino Data Protection Authority and the context of the Serenissima Republic known, has made it possible to achieve extremely important results in a few months.

The President paid close attention to the international context and to the opportunities for meeting with the other supervisory authorities.

In May 2019, the President was invited to take part as observer at the “Spring Conference” which was held in Tbilisi (Georgia): this participation was largely fruitful for the consolidation of relations with other international institutions. On this occasion, the President made an official request for official accreditation of the Authority as a full member; the relative evaluation is still ongoing but the invitation to participate in the Spring Conference to be held in May 2020 in Dubrovnik (Croatia) has already been received –

In October 2019 the President participated in the International Conference of privacy guarantors that was held in Tirana (Albania). The conference is an international body, formerly ICDPPC (International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners), which from 15 November changed its name to “Global Privacy Assembly (GPA)”.

The San Marino Data Protection Authority, on the occasion of the aforementioned international conference, was accredited as an effective member of the GPA:

The participation of the President, as national expert of the Republic of San Marino, in the meetings of the Council of Europe is also useful to the Authority for the possibility of following and monitoring international activities.