Authorization and consultative powers of the San Marino Data Protection Authority

They are defined by the law 21 December 2018 n. 171 to art. 59, paragraph 3.

The San Marino Data Protection Authority for the protection of personal data has the following authorization and consultative powers:

a) provide advice to the data controller, according to the prior consultation procedure referred to in article 37;

b) to issue, on its own initiative or upon request, opinions addressed to the Great and General Council, the Congress of State, or to other bodies and institutions and to the public on matters concerning the protection of personal data;

c) issue an opinion on the draft codes of conduct and approve them, pursuant to article 41, paragraph 3;

d) accrediting the certification bodies referred to in Article 43;

e) approve the certification criteria in accordance with Articles 43 and 44;

f) adopt the standard data protection clauses referred to in Article 29, paragraph 7, and in Article 47, paragraph 2, letter d);

g) authorize the contractual clauses referred to in Article 47, paragraph 3, letter a);

h) authorize the administrative agreements referred to in Article 47, paragraph 3, letter b);

i) approve the binding corporate rules pursuant to Article 48;

l) authorize the establishment of new databases of the State and Public Bodies, subject to the favorable opinion of the competent body.