The Office Manager of the San Marino Data Protection Authority announces that the office does not currently have counter services to the public.
Reception by appointment.
All applications addressed to the San Marino Data Protection Authority must be sent by certified mail or registered mail with return receipt.

Office Hours:
Monday and Thursday 8.15am – 6.00pm (non-stop)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8.15am – 2.15pm

For information:
tel. 0549/885476

The Office Manager
Maria Sciarrino


The President of the San Marino Data Protection Authority and the Chief of the Office, considering the Decree-Law of 14 March 2020 n. 51 and Decree-Law of 17 April 2020 n. 62 which impose restrictive measures to counter and contain the spread of the COVID 19 virus,

communicate that

until 4 May 2020 included and in any case until the emergency has ceased and the offices will be opened again, our Office is closed, and all applications addressed to the Data Protection Authority, must only be sent by email to one of the following addresses:


The staff can be reached by phone, during office hours, at the following telephone numbers: (+378)0549-885476/882674/882988.

Any further updates will be published only on the website of the Data Protection Authority.

Information about the suspension of the periods

Regulations on COVID19